1. Hape-Rolling-Roadster-Red-2

    Hape Rolling Roadster Red

    SRP £7.99
    Description: Vroom! Vroom! Edge out the competition with this classic little race car!
    Size: 8.7x13.8x9.2mm
  2. Hape-Sky-Flyer-Aqua-2

    Hape Sky Flyer Aqua

    SRP £7.99
    Description: Soar the skies in style. Take flight with this fast and furious classic propeller plane.
    Size: 12.4x15.1x8.1mm
  3. Hape-Rocking-Boat-2

    Hape Rocking Boat

    SRP £79.99
    Description: Cast off from shore to teeter and totter on imaginary ocean waves! Drift across the dee...
    Size: 31.8x81.4x36.6mm
  4. Teddy-&-Duck-Bath-Mitt-Set-3

    Teddy & Duck Bath Mitt Set

    SRP £7.99
    Description: Parents can gently engage with their little ones as they simultaneously play with and c...
    Size: 23x25x1mm
  5. Teddy-&-Friends-Bath-Squirts-3

    Teddy & Friends Bath Squirts

    SRP £9.99
    Description: These little bath squirt friends are ready to soak up the bubbles and fun in the tub.
    Size: 24x7.5x24mm
  6. Pop-Up-Teddy-Shower-Buddy-3

    Pop-Up Teddy Shower Buddy

    SRP £12.99
    Description: Pop-Up Teddy is the perfect shower buddy for your little one, with cute engaging design...
    Size: 16x9.5x16mm
  7. Umbrella-Stackers-3

    Umbrella Stackers

    SRP £14.99
    Description: These colorful umbrellas stack on top of a teddy bear base, perfect for playtime and le...
    Size: 10x26mm
  8. Swimmer-Teddy-Wind-Up-Toy-3

    Swimmer Teddy Wind-Up Toy

    SRP £12.99
    Description: Wind-up this little swimming teddy and watch it go round and round again.
    Size: 10x9.8x16.8mm
  9. Happy-Buckets-Set-3

    Happy Buckets Set

    SRP £12.99
    Description: Three colorful buckets featuring water drainage providing fun interactions. Perfect for...
    Size: 24x10x24mm
  10. Rainy-Day-Fun-Set-3

    Rainy Day Fun Set

    SRP £17.99
    Description: An entertaining and delightfully colorful bath set. Featuring a fun umbrella theme, dra...
    Size: 25x25x26mm