1. Hape-Whistling-Parrot-Engine-2

    Hape Whistling Parrot Engine

    SRP £4.25
    Description: Toot or tweet on this colourful bird train engine to let people know its right around t...
    Size: 3.5x5x23mm
  2. Hape-Deep-Jungle-Track-Pack--2

    Hape Deep Jungle Track Pack

    SRP £5.95
    Description: Lay down tracks for a jungle journey with this set of jungle themed tracks. Two differe...
    Size: 6x18x18mm
  3. Hape-Rainbow-Track-Pack-2

    Hape Rainbow Track Pack

    SRP £5.95
    Description: Put together a ring of rainbow track or add a splash of colour to your existing railway...
    Size: 6x18x22mm
  4. Hape-Sky-Flyer-Aqua-2

    Hape Sky Flyer Aqua

    SRP £7.99
    Description: Soar the skies in style. Take flight with this fast and furious classic propeller plane.
    Size: 12.4x15.1x8.1mm
  5. Hape-Rolling-Roadster-Red-2

    Hape Rolling Roadster Red

    SRP £7.99
    Description: Vroom! Vroom! Edge out the competition with this classic little race car!
    Size: 8.7x13.8x9.2mm
  6. Hape-Lucky-Ladybug-and-Friends-Train-2

    Hape Lucky Ladybug and Friends Train

    SRP £8.95
    Description: Buzz, flutter, and bumble along to the next destination aboard this train full of bug b...
    Size: 3.3x6x23mm
  7. Hape-Jungle-Journey-Train-2

    Hape Jungle Journey Train

    SRP £8.95
    Description: Lions and tigers and elephants, oh my! Rumble through the jungle on a rail adventure wi...
    Size: 3.3x5x7mm
  8. Hape-Take-A-Look-Train-2

    Hape Take-A-Look Train

    SRP £8.95
    Description: This train is an adventure for the passengers on board, but also for your eyes! A mirro...
    Size: 3.3x5x22mm
  9. Hape-Colour-&-Shape-Sorting-Track-2

    Hape Colour & Shape Sorting Track

    SRP £10.95
    Description: The train can't cross the tracks without your colour and shape sorting brainpower! Sort...
    Size: 11x1.2x16mm
  10. Hape-Tambourine-Tune-Track-2

    Hape Tambourine Tune Track

    SRP £10.95
    Description: Add a colourful tambourine tune to your train's clickety-clack rhythm with this musical...
    Size: 14x3mm