1. Bug-About

    Bug About

    SRP £59.49
    Description: Hop aboard this silly bug’s back and scoot it around and about your home! Stow your fav...
    Size: 45.3x25.2x31.1mm
  2. Caterpillar-Train-Set

    Caterpillar Train Set

    SRP £14.99
    Description: Make the hungry caterpillar wiggle its way down the tracks, looking for something tasty...
    Size: 30x6x24mm
  3. Fast Flip Racetrack

    Fast Flip Racetrack

    SRP £19.99
    Description: What your race cars flip over one another as they come racing down.
    Size: 31.7x7.9x28.3mm
  4. Friendship-Puzzle-Blocks

    Friendship Puzzle Blocks

    SRP £14.99
    Description: Features wooden blocks that can create six different pictures, featuring Pepe & Friends!
    Size: 13.5x13.5x4.5mm
  5. Hape-30pc-Blocks-30th-Anniversary-2

    Hape 30pc Blocks 30th Anniversary

    SRP £19.99
    Description: Inspired by the pedagogical ideas of Friedrich Froebel, these solid beechwood blocks ar...
    Size: 18x18x13mm
  6. Hape-All-Terrain-Adventure

    Hape All Terrain Adventure

    SRP £15.99
    Description: Over land, sea, sky, and the great beyond, sort and stack to help these critters get ba...
    Size: 20.8x20.8x2.9mm
  7. Hape-Aqua-Retro-Kitchen

    Hape Aqua Retro Kitchen

    SRP £75.99
    Description: A retro inspired all in one kitchen with oven, built in sink, and a selection of wooden...
    Size: 11x62x43mm
  8. Hape-Balance-Wonder

    Hape Balance Wonder

    SRP £64.99
    Description: Give your child the confidence they need to ride a bike by practicing their balance and...
    Size: 16x60x48mm
  9. Hape-Bead-Maze-Rainbow-Track-2

    Hape Bead Maze Rainbow Track

    SRP £13.95
    Description: A wild and wiggly bead maze loops through the air over this standalone train junction. ...
    Size: 10.5x19.2x23.4mm
  10. Hape Bird Whistle 8pc Asst POS Display

    Hape Bird Whistle 8 Piece Assorted POS

    SRP £16.80
    Description: Tweet the old fashioned way with this classic wooden whistle.
    Size: 5.7x10x2.5mm