1. Sunny-Valley-Puzzle-3-in-1

    Sunny Valley Puzzle 3 in 1

    SRP £12.99
    Description: This 3 in 1 puzzle features three different baseplates with changing pieces for each sc...
    Size: 17.8x29.4x1.7mm
  2. Hape-Walk-A-Long-Caterpillar

    Hape Walk-A-Long Caterpillar

    SRP £24.99
    Description: This colourful wooden pull-toy stimulates early walking with smiling sunflowers that tu...
    Size: 5.6x30.1x10.9mm
  3. Hape-Underwater-Escapade

    Hape Underwater Escapade

    SRP £15.99
    Description: Learn important sorting skills with silly sea creatures!
    Size: 20.8x20.8x2.9mm
  4. Hape-All-Terrain-Adventure

    Hape All Terrain Adventure

    SRP £15.99
    Description: Over land, sea, sky, and the great beyond, sort and stack to help these critters get ba...
    Size: 20.8x20.8x2.9mm
  5. Hape-Noahs-Ark

    Hape Noahs Ark

    SRP £26.99
    Description: Your child will love pairing up the animals, bringing the animals on board, and making ...
    Size: 26x17.5x12.5mm
  6. Hape-Aqua-Retro-Kitchen

    Hape Aqua Retro Kitchen

    SRP £75.99
    Description: A retro inspired all in one kitchen with oven, built in sink, and a selection of wooden...
    Size: 11x62x43mm
  7. Teddy-&-Duck-Bath-Mitt-Set-3

    Teddy & Duck Bath Mitt Set

    SRP £7.99
    Description: Parents can gently engage with their little ones as they simultaneously play with and c...
    Size: 23x25x1mm
  8. Teddy-&-Friends-Bath-Squirts-3

    Teddy & Friends Bath Squirts

    SRP £9.99
    Description: These little bath squirt friends are ready to soak up the bubbles and fun in the tub.
    Size: 24x7.5x24mm
  9. Pop-Up-Teddy-Shower-Buddy-3

    Pop-Up Teddy Shower Buddy

    SRP £12.99
    Description: Pop-Up Teddy is the perfect shower buddy for your little one, with cute engaging design...
    Size: 16x9.5x16mm
  10. Umbrella-Stackers-3

    Umbrella Stackers

    SRP £14.99
    Description: These colorful umbrellas stack on top of a teddy bear base, perfect for playtime and le...
    Size: 10x26mm