1. Hape Garden Vegetables

    Hape Garden Vegetables

    SRP £18.49
    Description: Cut and serve veggies to make every meal healthier.
  2. Hape-Aqua-Retro-Kitchen

    Hape Aqua Retro Kitchen

    SRP £75.99
    Description: A retro inspired all in one kitchen with oven, built in sink, and a selection of wooden...
    Size: 11x62x43mm
  3. Hape-Hearty-Home-Cooked-Meal-2

    Hape Hearty Home Cooked Meal

    SRP £15.99
    Description: Cooked Meal! Cut up the steak and serve it up with a salad , sliced carrots and home fr...
    Size: 3x20x24mm
  4. Hape-Chef's-Cooking-Set-2

    Hape Chef's Cooking Set

    SRP £21.99
    Description: A future chef can grow and thrive in the kitchen with this basic cooking set. Order a h...
    Size: 20x30x20mm
  5. Hape-Gourmet-Grill-1

    Hape Gourmet Grill

    SRP £119.99
    Description: This Gourmet Grill has double-sided grates, collapsible side table, moveable wheels and...
    Size: 19x52x57mm
  6. Hape-Double-Flavoured-Birthday-Cake

    Hape Double Flavoured Birthday Cake

    SRP £15.99
    Description: It's time for a birthday party; blow out the candles and have delicious strawberry and ...
    Size: 7x26x26mm
  7. Hape-Instant-Waffles-2

    Hape Instant Waffles

    SRP £17.49
    Description: Time to make some delicious waffles! And it"s easy with this waffle maker set that incl...
    Size: 7x20x26mm
  8. Hape Tabletop Grill

    Hape Tabletop Grill

    SRP £37.99
    Description: This wooden tabletop stove set has everything a small chef needs. For home cooking, set...
    Size: 23x30x25.7mm
  9. Hape Lunchbox Set

    Hape Lunchbox Set

    SRP £21.99
    Description: Make a sandwich, drink your juice, and don't forget the yogurt and fruit. This soft-sid...
  10. Hape Sushi Selection

    Hape Sushi Selection

    SRP £21.99
    Description: Fresh sushi and two pairs of chopsticks are all you need for a delicious dinner. No coo...