1. Carnival-Balloon-Hair-Accessory-Set

    Carnival Balloon Hair Accessory Set

    SRP £4.49
    Description: A hair elastic and hair clip set decorated with colourful balloons. Comes in pale pink ...
    Size: 4mm
  2. Carnival-Balloon-Necklace-&-Bracelet-Set

    Carnival Balloon Necklace & Bracelet Set

    SRP £2.99
    Description: Colourful balloon beads sit alongside pink beads in this cheerful necklace and bracelet...
    Size: 17mm
  3. Floral-Crown-Snapclip-&-Elastic-Set

    Floral Crown Snapclip & Elastic Set

    SRP £2.49
    Description: Make your hairstyle sparkle at it's best with this snapclip and elastic set with a beau...
    Size: 0.5mm
  4. Fluttering-Butterfly-Headband

    Fluttering Butterfly Headband

    SRP £3.49
    Description: Fly away butterfly with these slim line headbands, they look like they might just be re...
  5. Glamour-Sparkle-Bangle

    Glamour Sparkle Bangle

    SRP £2.49
    Description: Discover a world of sparkle and glitter with the glamour sparkle bangle, perfect adding...
  6. Glamour-Sparkle-Headband

    Glamour Sparkle Headband

    SRP £2.99
    Description: Add some glamour to your hairstyle with the glamour sparkle headband. Available in pink...
  7. Glittery-Star-Headband

    Glittery Star Headband

    SRP £3.49
    Description: Each headband comes with 3 dazzling stars, brightly coloured for added wow factor.
  8. High-Tea-Pearl-Hair-Clips

    High Tea Pearl Hair Clips

    SRP £2.49
    Description: Hair clips beautifuly embellished with all things dazzling, including pearls for that a...
    Size: 4mm
  9. High-Tea-Princess-Necklace

    High Tea Princess Necklace

    SRP £3.99
    Description: A bead necklace with sparkling silver rings and heart pendant. Beads are pink and white...
    Size: 16mm
  10. Multi-Coloured-Flower-Gem-Hairtie

    Multi Coloured Flower Gem Hairtie

    SRP £2.99
    Description: What a sweet addition to your hairstyle with the 3D flower gem hairtie. Multi-coloured,...
    Size: 4mm
  11. Pastel-Delight-Bangle-Set

    Pastel Delight Bangle Set

    SRP £2.49
    Description: Think pink with the Pastel Delight Bangle Set. Comes in pink, purple and blue, each bra...
  12. Pastel-Delight-Headband

    Pastel Delight Headband

    SRP £2.99
    Description: A stripy pastel headband to add some colour. Look out for the yellow, blue, pink and si...
  13. Best Friend Heart Charm Bracelet Set

    Pink Poppy Best Friend Heart Charm Bracelet Set

    SRP £3.99
    Description: Friendship beaded bracelets. A pair of bracelets to give as a gift to a best friend or ...
    Size: 17mm
  14. Colourful Gem Elastic Bangle

    Pink Poppy Colourful Gem Elastic Bangle

    SRP £3.99
    Description: Threaded elastic bangles in a range of three crystal combinations. Chunky gems to catch...
    Size: 17x1.5mm
  15. Pink Poppy Crown with Hearts Accessories Set

    Pink Poppy Crown with Hearts Accessories Set

    SRP £3.49
    Description: Pink Poppy caters for little girls aged 3-9 years. Pastel, soft, girlie & fun, its wher...
    Size: 0.5x1.5x5mm
  16. Flower Gem Necklace

    Pink Poppy Flower Gem Necklace

    SRP £4.99
    Description: Large crystal studs make a lovely flower gem pendant. Two colour combinations like othe...
    Size: 41mm
  17. Glamorous Bead Necklace

    Pink Poppy Glamorous Bead Necklace

    SRP £2.99
    Description: Beaded necklaces interlaced with chrome rings and smaller chrome beads for a red carpet...
    Size: 41mm
  18. Glamour Crown Hairclip

    Pink Poppy Glamour Crown Hairclip

    SRP £3.49
    Description: Crowned hair clips decorated with crystal studs and glitter stars look gorgeous for a s...
    Size: 4x1.8mm
  19. Pretty In Pink Heart Bracelet

    Pink Poppy Pretty In Pink Heart Bracelet

    SRP £3.49
    Description: Crystal beaded trio of bracelets. Butterfly and heart gems hang off two of the bracelet...
    Size: 17mm
  20. Pretty Princess Bracelet

    Pink Poppy Pretty Princess Bracelet

    SRP £3.49
    Description: Princess pendant beade bracelet. Pastel pink with a splash of electric pink beads to ca...
    Size: 17mm
  21. Pretty Princess Hair Clip

    Pink Poppy Pretty Princess Hair Clip

    SRP £2.49
    Description: This hairclip is decorated with a lovely little princess motif for a special princess o...
    Size: 4x1.7mm
  22. Pretty Princess Necklace

    Pink Poppy Pretty Princess Necklace

    SRP £4.49
    Description: Doble hearts and a princess pendat necklace for the prettiest of girl princesses.
    Size: 41mm
  23. Sparkle Poppy Gem Headband

    Pink Poppy Sparkle Poppy Gem Headband

    SRP £5.99
    Description: Poppy gems line a plastic band. The crystal flowers are multicoloured and sparkel brill...
    Size: 35.5mm
  24. Sweet Blossom Bead Flower Hairclip

    Pink Poppy Sweet Blossom Bead Flower Hairclip

    SRP £3.49
    Description: Flower beaded hairclips in three colours and come in pairs. Pink and purple hairclips f...
    Size: 4.5mm
  25. Wide Glitter Bow Headband

    Pink Poppy Wide Glitter Bow Headband

    SRP £2.49
    Description: Glitter bow headbands for little girls. A lovely detailed bow repeats over a simple ban...
    Size: 35.5mm