1. Carnival-Balloon-Hair-Accessory-Set

    Carnival Balloon Hair Accessory Set

    SRP £4.49
    Description: A hair elastic and hair clip set decorated with colourful balloons. Comes in pale pink ...
    Size: 4mm
  2. Carnival-Balloon-Necklace-&-Bracelet-Set

    Carnival Balloon Necklace & Bracelet Set

    SRP £2.99
    Description: Colourful balloon beads sit alongside pink beads in this cheerful necklace and bracelet...
    Size: 17mm
  3. Floral-Crown-Snapclip-&-Elastic-Set

    Floral Crown Snapclip & Elastic Set

    SRP £2.49
    Description: Make your hairstyle sparkle at it's best with this snapclip and elastic set with a beau...
    Size: 0.5mm
  4. Fluttering-Butterfly-Headband

    Fluttering Butterfly Headband

    SRP £3.49
    Description: Fly away butterfly with these slim line headbands, they look like they might just be re...
  5. Glamour-Sparkle-Bangle

    Glamour Sparkle Bangle

    SRP £2.49
    Description: Discover a world of sparkle and glitter with the glamour sparkle bangle, perfect adding...
  6. Glamour-Sparkle-Headband

    Glamour Sparkle Headband

    SRP £2.99
    Description: Add some glamour to your hairstyle with the glamour sparkle headband. Available in pink...
  7. Glittery-Star-Headband

    Glittery Star Headband

    SRP £3.49
    Description: Each headband comes with 3 dazzling stars, brightly coloured for added wow factor.
  8. High-Tea-Pearl-Hair-Clips

    High Tea Pearl Hair Clips

    SRP £2.49
    Description: Hair clips beautifuly embellished with all things dazzling, including pearls for that a...
    Size: 4mm
  9. High-Tea-Princess-Necklace

    High Tea Princess Necklace

    SRP £3.99
    Description: A bead necklace with sparkling silver rings and heart pendant. Beads are pink and white...
    Size: 16mm
  10. Multi-Coloured-Flower-Gem-Hairtie

    Multi Coloured Flower Gem Hairtie

    SRP £2.99
    Description: What a sweet addition to your hairstyle with the 3D flower gem hairtie. Multi-coloured,...
    Size: 4mm