1. Sparkle-Collection-Butterfly-Bracelet

    Sparkle Collection Butterfly Bracelet

    SRP £3.99
    Description: A shimmering bead bracelet with butterfly pendant. Comes in white, pale pink and hot pi...
    Size: 6mm
  2. Fluttering-Butterfly-Headband

    Fluttering Butterfly Headband

    SRP £3.49
    Description: Fly away butterfly with these slim line headbands, they look like they might just be re...
  3. Glittery-Star-Headband

    Glittery Star Headband

    SRP £3.49
    Description: Each headband comes with 3 dazzling stars, brightly coloured for added wow factor.
  4. Pastel-Delight-Headband

    Pastel Delight Headband

    SRP £2.99
    Description: A stripy pastel headband to add some colour. Look out for the yellow, blue, pink and si...
  5. Sparkle-Collection-Crown-Headband

    Sparkle Collection Crown Headband

    SRP £2.99
    Description: A slim sparkling headband with a glittering crown. Comes in pale pink, hot pink, lilac ...
    Size: 12mm
  6. Unicorn-Fantasy-Bracelet

    Unicorn Fantasy Bracelet

    SRP £2.49
    Description: What is not to love with this elasticated beaded bracelet with unicorn charm and diaman...
  7. Tassle-Fashion-Bracelet

    Tassle Fashion Bracelet

    SRP £2.49
    Description: An elasticated beaded bracelet brightly coloured with an adorable tassle for added fun.
  8. Sparkle-Poppy-Gem-Bracelet

    Sparkle Poppy Gem Bracelet

    SRP £3.49
    Description: Add some sparkle colours to your day with this colourful flower gem bangle.
    Size: 6mm
  9. Pastel-Delight-Bangle-Set

    Pastel Delight Bangle Set

    SRP £2.49
    Description: Think pink with the Pastel Delight Bangle Set. Comes in pink, purple and blue, each bra...
  10. Glamour-Sparkle-Bangle

    Glamour Sparkle Bangle

    SRP £2.49
    Description: Discover a world of sparkle and glitter with the glamour sparkle bangle, perfect adding...