1. Amazing-Baby-Bunny-Blanket-Teether

    Amazing Baby Bunny Blanket Teether

    SRP £12.99
    Description: This adorable bunny features include textured teethers, dangling rings for little hands...
    Size: 20x3x40mm
  2. Doug Wearing Hawaiian Shirt

    Doug Wearing Hawaiian Shirt

    SRP £11.99
    Description: Who wore it best? Doug the Pug knows good styles! Sporting his fashionable Hawaiian pri...
  3. Pug Life

    Pug Life

    SRP £11.99
    Description: If you love Doug, then you're definitely down with the pug life! Rocking his Pug Life b...
  4. Pizza Pug

    Pizza Pug

    SRP £11.99
    Description: This pug brings the pizza and the party! You'll always make room for Doug at the table ...
  5. Animal Terry Cloth Teethers

    Animal Terry Cloth Teethers

    SRP £17.99
    Description: The perfect companion for babies first teeth, these adorable new teethers are great to ...
  6. Doug-With-Lamb-Hat

    Doug With Lamb Hat

    SRP £19.99
    Description: Doug the snow pug is the cutest in his wooly lamb hat and collar. This soft and lovable...
    Size: 11x21x16mm
  7. Doug-Wearing-Crown

    Doug Wearing Crown

    SRP £19.99
    Description: King Doug is the perfect companion to spend your weekend hugging and cuddling! The roya...
    Size: 11x24.6x16mm
  8. Doug-Wearing-Shower-Cap

    Doug Wearing Shower Cap

    SRP £19.99
    Description: Who could look as cute as this adorable pooch with his fun blue shower cap! Doug the Pu...
    Size: 11x21x16mm
  9. Doug-Wearing-Camo-Pajamas

    Doug Wearing Camo Pajamas

    SRP £11.99
    Description: This adorable Doug the Pug plush makes the perfect snuggle buddy with his camo hoodie. ...
    Size: 8x14.5x12mm
  10. Doug-Wearing-Raincoat

    Doug Wearing Raincoat

    SRP £11.99
    Description: A good raincoat ensures a soft and dry pup to hug, even in the wettest weather and thi...
    Size: 8x14.5x12mm