1. Hape Lacing Pony

    Hape Lacing Pony

    SRP £10.99
    Description: A lace-up mane and tail lets kids customize their pony with color.
    Size: 2.4x15x19.5mm
  2. Hape Zoo Animals Block Puzzle

    Hape Zoo Animals Block Puzzle

    SRP £12.99
    Description: This nine-block puzzle challenges kids to re-create six familiar animals. But it's not ...
    Size: 13.5x13.5x4.5mm
  3. Hape Colour and Shape Sorter

    Hape Colour and Shape Sorter

    SRP £12.99
    Description: This multi-tasking sorter encourages counting, sorting, and color and shape identificat...
    Size: 17.3x17.3x6.3mm
  4. Hape Farm Animals Block Puzzle

    Hape Farm Animals Block Puzzle

    SRP £12.99
    Description: A six-sided puzzle encourages kids to re-create familiar farm friends. Once they figure...
    Size: 13.5x13.5x4.5mm
  5. Hape Twist and Turnables

    Hape Twist and Turnables

    SRP £12.99
    Description: These blocks give construction a new twist with screw-together shapes that won't come t...
  6. Hape Build-A-Bug Sorter

    Hape Build-A-Bug Sorter

    SRP £13.99
    Description: Multi-layered bugs encourage counting, sorting, and color identification.
    Size: 18x20x4.2mm
  7. Hape Lacing Peacock

    Hape Lacing Peacock

    SRP £13.99
    Description: Lacing string adds even more color to this strutting peacock.
    Size: 3.7x20.4x13mm
  8. Hape Creative Peg Puzzle

    Hape Creative Peg Puzzle

    SRP £15.99
    Description: Grooved shapes and pegged posts add an extra dimension of challenge to this colorful pu...
    Size: 19.7x19.7x11.6mm
  9. Hape Alphabet Puzzle - Lower Case

    Hape Alphabet Puzzle Lower Case

    SRP £15.99
    Description: Sturdy lowercase ABCs can stand alone to spell words or fit into place to form the alph...
    Size: 27x28x1.8mm
  10. Hape Shake N Match Shape Sorter

    Hape Shake N Match Shape Sorter

    SRP £15.99
    Description: Uniquely shaped blocks with enchanting patterns inspire building in a whole new way. In...
    Size: 14.9x17x12.2mm
  11. Hape Double Bubble

    Hape Double Bubble

    SRP £15.99
    Description: Zig, zag, zoom. There's always a new way to scoot around this endless maze.
    Size: 9x21.5x19.3mm
  12. Hape Numbers Puzzle

    Hape Numbers Puzzle

    SRP £15.99
    Description: Count the ways you can play with wooden numbers 1 through 20, adding, subtracting, colo...
    Size: 27.5x28.5x1.8mm
  13. Hape String-Along Shapes

    Hape String Along Shapes

    SRP £15.99
    Description: A simple string turns blocks into a train, a caterpillar, a tower, or?
  14. Hape Alphabet Puzzle

    Hape Alphabet Puzzle

    SRP £15.99
    Description: Sturdy, stand-alone letters let kids practice their ABCs as well as form simple words.
    Size: 27.5x28.5x1.8mm
  15. Hape Fish Bowl Fun

    Hape Fish Bowl Fun

    SRP £15.99
    Description: Friendly fish swim around this gently rocking maze while a pool of colorful beads bubbl...
    Size: 6x20x18.5mm