1. White Gourmet Kitchen

    White Gourmet Kitchen

    Description: With its turnable, clicking knobs, fridge with shelf, oven with window, water tap and s...
    Size: 32x70.5x55mm
  2. White Fridge-Freezer

    White Fridge-Freezer

    Description: Summer is coming! Encourage your children to invite their friends over for an ice cream...
    Size: 29.4x74x35.8mm
  3. Vortex


    Description: The Vortex Marble Run Add-On Set increases power and excitement, and brings new possibi...
    Size: 1.9x11x23.9mm
  4. Hape-Visit-the-Vet-Magnetic-Book

    Visit the Vet Magnetic Book

    Description: Open this magnetic book of pretend play of a visit to the vet. This portable storyboard...
    Size: 5.2x26.5x24.3mm
  5. Ukulele Red

    Ukulele Red

    Description: Four tune-able strings and a scaled-down body make this sturdy basswood ukulele the per...
    Size: 17.5x53.5x6.5mm
  6. Ukulele Blue

    Ukulele Blue

    Description: Four tune-able strings and a scaled-down body make this sturdy basswood guitar the perf...
    Size: 17.5x53.5x6.5mm
  7. Hape-Triple-Tunnel-2

    Triple Tunnel

    Description: Add gates and tunnels to your train set with ease! Three tunnels of different sizes mix...
    Size: 10x15x18mm
  8. The Challenger

    The Challenger

    Description: Quadrilla is an innovative marble run system from Hape. Sets come with all you need to ...
    Size: 13.8x73.1x34mm
  9. Hape Tea Set for Two

    Tea Set For Two

    Description: Tea time is the perfect time to take a break and talk with a friend (real or stuffed!)....
    Size: 18.5x25.5x1.2mm
  10. Target Toss Up

    Target Toss Up

    Description: Toss the bag and earn points for three different targets. This fun game promotes dexter...
    Size: 4.5x35x36.4mm
  11. Hape Tabletop Grill

    Tabletop Grill

    Description: This wooden tabletop stove set has everything a small chef needs. For home cooking, set...
    Size: 23x30x25.7mm
  12. Hape Sushi Selection

    Sushi Selection

    Description: Fresh sushi and two pairs of chopsticks are all you need for a delicious dinner. No coo...
  13. Hape-Super-Expansion-Rail-Pack-2

    Super Expansion Rail Pack

    Description: Expand your Hape Railway line to the next town over! This variety of straight and curve...
    Size: 6x1.5x20mm
  14. Hape Stroller


    Description: This classic stroller lets your child take "dolly" for a walk around the block?or all t...
    Size: 32.5x44.5x51.4mm
  15. Hape String-Along Shapes

    String Along Shapes

    Description: A simple string turns blocks into a train, a caterpillar, a tower, or?
  16. Hape-Steam-N-Roll-2

    Steam N Roll

    Description: This steamroller is here to roll out the good roads and flatten the bad!
    Size: 14.6x25.9x14.3mm
  17. Stacking Veggie Game

    Stacking Veggie Game

    Description: Can you pick out a veggie without toppling the tower? It's not as easy as you think!
    Size: 7x24x18mm
  18. Hape-Spring-Qubes-2

    Spring Qubes

    Description: Spring themed pastel colored shaped cubes. String it together to promote coordination. ...
    Size: 2x30x10mm
  19. Speedway Set

    Speedway Set

    Description: Quadrilla is an innovative marble run system from Hape. Sets come with all you need to ...
    Size: 8.2x52.6x22.5mm
  20. Sonic Playground

    Sonic Playground

    Description: Add the dimension of sound to your Quadrilla runs with a xylophone rail that plays a mu...
    Size: 8x30x18mm
  21. Solar-Powered Train

    Solar-Powered Train

    Description: Forget about buying batteries! This clever engine has its own solar panel that generate...
    Size: 3.6x5x9.6mm
  22. Solar Power Circuit

    Solar Power Circuit

    Description: Step into the future with this solar-powered rail set. The engine has its own solar pan...
    Size: 44x15x62mm
  23. Shopping Cart

    Shopping Cart

    Description: What should we buy today? Transport whatever fits in this pint-size carrier.
    Size: 30x50.4x42.8mm
  24. Hape Rock-a-Bye Cradle

    Rock-A-Bye Cradle

    Description: Rock "dolly" to sleep in this sturdy cradle.
    Size: 33.5x48x25.5mm
  25. Remote-Control Train

    Remote-Control Train

    Description: Use a mobile phone to drive this clever little train forward, back or to a stop. It com...
    Size: 3.8x5x11.8mm