1. Roller Rattle

    Roller Rattle

    Description: This smart rattle is ready for action, whenever baby wants to play. Its clever handle i...
    Size: 6.5x7.8x6.5mm
  2. Mouse Robin Musical

    Mouse Robin Musical

    Description: With a timeless and beautiful design that complements other products within the "Mouse ...
    Size: 26mm
  3. Geometric Rattle Trio

    Geometric Rattle Trio

    Description: The softly-coloured Geometric Rattle Trio are expertly designed to fit snuggly into lit...
    Size: 6x24x20mm
  4. Classic Rye-and-Spelt Pillow Lamb

    Classic Rye-and-Spelt Pillow Lamb

    Description: This lamb from our Classic series wants to help with minor aches and pains, or whenever...
    Size: 27mm
  5. Bear Caramel Mini Mobile

    Bear Caramel Mini Mobile

    Description: This soft little mobile is perfect for hanging over the crib or cradle. It has a fun sh...
    Size: 16mm
  6. Mouse Robin Towel Doll

    Mouse Robin Towel Doll

    Description: Made in Europe, this adorable mouse towel doll lovely is made of premium material and i...
    Size: 34mm
  7. Lamb Mojo Dangle

    Lamb Mojo Dangle

    Description: Say good morning and goodnight to Lamb Mojo Dangle, a 13.5-inch huggable companion for ...
    Size: 35mm
  8. Lamb Mojo Musical

    Lamb Mojo Musical

    Description: The Käthe Kruse lamb Mojo is a musical and cuddly toy that is specially designed for ba...
    Size: 27mm
  9. Portable Baby Gym

    Portable Baby Gym

    Description: Keep baby entertained on this soft mat no matter where you go. This portable baby gym f...
    Size: 13x53x59mm
  10. Rattle Ball Flowers

    Rattle Ball Flowers

    Description: You can't really have a range of baby toys without a ball! Balls are so fundamental to ...
    Size: 10mm