1. Little Red Rider

    Little Red Rider

    Description: This wooden car transforms from a balanced walker to a foot-powered ride-on. There's ro...
    Size: 30x47.9x46.2mm
  2. Beaded Raindrops (Blue)

    Beaded Raindrops (Blue)

    Description: Turn this rain maker over and stimulate senses with vibrant trickling beads and soothi...
    Size: 5.8x20x5.8mm
  3. Big Nose Pet Puzzle

    Big Nose Pet Puzzle

    Description: Grab the cute animals by their chunky noses and solve this colourful puzzle.
    Size: 20.8x3.5x22.5mm
  4. Farmyard Sound Puzzle

    Farmyard Sound Puzzle

    Description: Solve the Farmyard Sound Puzzle by matching the farm animal pieces by colour, shape and...
    Size: 20.8x6.1x22.5mm
  5. Dynamic Insect Puzzle

    Dynamic Insect Puzzle

    Description: A classic puzzle with a fun twist, children will love this Dynamic Insect Puzzle and it...
    Size: 17x2.5x20.8mm
  6. Wonderful Beech Blocks

    Wonderful Beech Blocks

    Description: These sturdy beech blocks will inspire hours of play and generations of builders. A per...
    Size: 12.5x27x22mm
  7. Sunny Valley Play Blocks

    Sunny Valley Play Blocks

    Description: These colorful blocks are perfect for building and exploring the world of Pepe & Friend...
    Size: 4.2x24x30mm
  8. My First Xylophone & Piano

    My First Xylophone & Piano

    Description: Is it a piano or a puzzle? Well, the multifunctional Shape Sorter Xylophone is a piano,...
    Size: 19.7x7.9x25mm
  9. Chunky Toy Puzzle

    Chunky Toy Puzzle

    Description: Does your child like puzzles? Little hands will love to solve the cute and colourful to...
    Size: 17x2.1x20.8mm
  10. Dynamic Vehicle Puzzle

    Dynamic Vehicle Puzzle

    Description: A classic puzzle with a fun twist, children will love this Dynamic Vehicle Puzzle and i...
    Size: 17x2.5x20.8mm