1. 3D Airplane Puzzle

    3D Airplane Puzzle

    Description: A group of animal friends have boarded the plane for a fun journey. But where will they...
    Size: 14.8x1.5x20.8mm
  2. 5-In-1 Beach Set

    5-In-1 Beach Set

    Description: This 5-in-1 Beach Set has everything a child needs to enjoy hours of beach play, and ca...
    Size: 19x25x20.5mm
  3. 6-In-1 Music Maker

    6-In-1 Music Maker

    Description: If there’s one toy that can satisfy all your young child’s musical needs, then surely i...
    Size: 22.1x4.8x49mm
  4. A-mazing-Pepe-Maze

    A-mazing Pepe

    Description: Help Pepe find his way along the path! Move the colorful balls until they are all colle...
    Size: 24.5x24.5x2.1mm
  5. Adventure Playground Kit

    Adventure Playground Kit

    Description: Set your imagination and creativity free and build a whole manner of adventure playgrou...
    Size: 10.3x45.3x25.5mm
  6. Animal Kingdom Kit

    Animal Kingdom Kit

    Description: Set your imagination free and build a whole manner of funny animals using the easy-to c...
    Size: 7.3x17.2x22.8mm
  7. Hape-Aqua-Retro-Kitchen

    Aqua Retro Kitchen

    Description: A retro inspired all in one kitchen with oven, built in sink, and a selection of wooden...
    Size: 11x62x43mm
  8. Architect Starter Kit

    Architect Starter Kit

    Description: Set your imagination free and build a whole manner of interesting buildings and structu...
    Size: 7.3x17.2x22.8mm
  9. Baker's Trio

    Baker's Trio

    Description: Here's everything kids need to make and slice three delicious sand cakes.
    Size: 11x36x17mm
  10. Beach Barrow (Blue)

    Beach Barrow (Blue)

    Description: With this beach-friendly wheelbarrow you can bring the beach with you!
    Size: 35.6x35.6x68.6mm