1. Zoo'm


    Description: Double the fun. Two magnetic wands let friends race marbles around this maze together.
    Size: 33.8x2.1x39.5mm
  2. Zoo Keeper 'n' Cars

    Zoo Keeper 'n' Cars

    Description: Set your imagination free and build a whole manner of interesting zoo-themed vehicles a...
    Size: 7.2x17x33.7mm
  3. Hape-Xylophone-Melody-Track-2

    Xylophone Melody Track

    Description: Make a melody on the tracks as your musical train car rolls back and forth across the c...
    Size: 10.5x3x56.5mm
  4. Wonderful Beech Blocks

    Wonderful Beech Blocks

    Description: These sturdy beech blocks will inspire hours of play and generations of builders. A per...
    Size: 12.5x27x22mm
  5. Wonder Walker

    Wonder Walker

    Description: This balanced walker provides a sturdy base for pulling up, and a unique design that ma...
    Size: 46x50.5x33.3mm
  6. Wild Animal Puzzle & Play

    Wild Animal Puzzle & Play

    Description: Some wild animals like the water while others want to munch on trees! Learn about where...
    Size: 24.4x2.1x29.4mm
  7. Who's In The Tree Puzzle

    Who's In The Tree Puzzle

    Description: Who’s hiding in the tree? Find out by pulling the critter’s textile tails with this fun...
    Size: 18.6x1.8x20.8mm
  8. Who's In The House Puzzle

    Who's In The House Puzzle

    Description: Who's in the house? Puzzle the brightly coloured puzzle pieces into the right slots to ...
    Size: 14.8x1.6x20.8mm
  9. Hape-Whistling-Parrot-Engine-2

    Whistling Parrot Engine

    Description: Toot or tweet on this colourful bird train engine to let people know its right around t...
    Size: 3.5x5x23mm
  10. Watering Can (Red)

    Watering Can (Red)

    Description: An easy-to-tote watering can is the perfect prop for budding gardeners.
    Size: 12.5x14.5x21.5mm