1. Dynamic Pet Puzzle

    Dynamic Pet Puzzle

    Description: A classic puzzle with a fun twist, children will love this Dynamic Pet Puzzle and its s...
    Size: 17x2.5x20.8mm
  2. 3D Airplane Puzzle

    3D Airplane Puzzle

    Description: A group of animal friends have boarded the plane for a fun journey. But where will they...
    Size: 14.8x1.5x20.8mm
  3. Sleepy Animal Puzzle

    Sleepy Animal Puzzle

    Description: Animals get so sleepy after a nice, big meal. Help them get a good rest by placing them...
    Size: 14.8x2x20.8mm
  4. Spinning Transport Puzzle

    Spinning Transport Puzzle

    Description: With two different difficulty levels and games on either side, the Spinning Transport P...
    Size: 20.4x0.9x20.8mm
  5. Fun Farm

    Fun Farm

    Description: Feed the animals! A magnetic wand guides marbles through this hand-held maze.
    Size: 25.4x2.1x25.4mm
  6. Forest Animal Tactile Puzzle

    Forest Animal Tactile Puzzle

    Description: Want to cuddle a moose? Remove the pieces of this puzzle to feel the coats of the moose...
    Size: 20.8x2.6x29.4mm
  7. Polar Animal Tactile Puzzle

    Polar Animal Tactile Puzzle

    Description: It’s cold at the Arctic and the animals need special coats to keep warm! Remove the pie...
    Size: 20.8x2.6x29.4mm
  8. Jungle Animal Block Puzzle

    Jungle Animal Block Puzzle

    Description: The jungle is full of cheeky animals! Complete the different sides of this puzzle to se...
    Size: 13.5x4.5x13.5mm
  9. Farm Animal Block Puzzle

    Farm Animal Block Puzzle

    Description: Every farm needs cuddly animals! Complete the different sides of this puzzle to see a d...
    Size: 13.5x4.5x13.5mm
  10. Ocean Lens Puzzle

    Ocean Lens Puzzle

    Description: Join the colourful ocean animals and discover their little secrets as you complete the ...
    Size: 18.6x1.8x20.8mm