About Kathe Kruse

The Story Of Kathe Kruse

As one of the most famous and revered women in German history, Käthe Kruse was a fledgling and inspiring actress, a fearless girl who triumphed over adversity, a woman whose miraculous life was firmly rooted in love, an extraordinary and compassionate entrepreneur and a true artist in every sense of the word who made a profound and everlasting impression on our hearts.

In the 1900s, when ceramic dolls dominated the market, Käthe longed to present her daughter a doll whose cheeks were just as soft as her own, so using some readily available materials (cotton fabric, a potato and sand) she created a lovely toy that not only delighted her daughter, but later went on to become incredibly popular, inspiring Käthe to make more dolls.

Setting up a factory, placing emphasis on craftsmanship and establishing a brand that would dominate the century, Käthe never lost sight of her mission statement: “The hand follows the heart.” With every handmade product that she made, giving a piece of love was very important to her. Fast forward a century and Käthe Kruse has become a symbol for integrity, quality, nature and age-appropriate early development. Every Käthe Kruse product is developed by élite designers in Donauwörth, Germany, and utilizes the best, premium quality materials in the world, complying with the highest European and American safety standards in the process. 


Happiness begins from the very first moment. Käthe Kruse provides support from the start, assuring quality and functionality for babies. We are the perfect companion for childhood. 

Friends For All Moments

Käthe Kruse characters and toys have inspired babies and children for generations. This year we are presenting additions to our collection of “Friends for all Moments“. These little softies love nothing more than play time and a hug. They are the perfect companions for every moment of the child‘s daily life: for a fun day with outdoor adventures, an evening of imaginary play, or a night of sweet dreams. “Friends for all Moments“ are the perfect gift for babies and children. They are packed in elegant gift boxes and produced in Europe.