About Nanoblock

nanosize - the world’s smallest micro-sized building block!

Building blocks have just gone extremely ‘high resolution’! nanoblocks construct amazingly detailed and realistic three-dimensional creations with these micro-sized building blocks.

Measuring from just 4x4x5mm for a single piece, packs contain between 70-5,800 pieces. They offer an intriguing selection of absorbing and clever subjects; ranging from a Koala to the Taj Mahal. Enter the ever expanding nanoverse!


nanoblock™ is all about the creative construction process with rewarding sculptural results—the perfect three­­ dimensional puzzle!

The miniature blocks connect securely to create extremely detailed objects of varying size and complexity. nanoblock™ is continually on the look-out for interesting and challenging subjects with different levels of difficulty.

Once the ‘Miniature Collection’ Series has been mastered, being the easiest with 70-200 pieces, followers can then progress onto the ‘Sights to See Collection’ with 200-600 pieces. Packs are marked with the level of difficulty in the form of from 1-8 (1 being the easiest).