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The Team

We have a dynamic, enthusiastic and highly motivated team. The team consists of dedicated departments. Independents and key accounts are handled separately and dedicated teams of sales reps and office staff deal with each customer group. Working in this way ensures each customer gets the service and attention needed to grow brands efficiently and offer our customers a great service.



works with magazines, trade press and the mainstream press to ensure that Marbel receives the best coverage possible.

We arrange and attend Trade Shows to help build Marbel’s strong customer base and to meet existing customers. This is an excellent opportunity to build relationships and to find new customers.

We also create point of sale promotions, maintain our website and blog regular postings on social media to maintain active brand promotion to our customers and consumers.

The marketing department’s designer and illustrator designs bespoke adverts for trade magazines and websites. The team also design the catalogue, stationary and any images that are needed for Press purposes.


Customer Services

concentrate on maintaining strong relationships with customers and provides great customer service. They’re adept at multi-tasking to keep your accounts and orders and will deal with requests as soon as possible.



Are in place to take payments from customers and to process any outstanding accounts.

We have dedicated staff for stock purchasing and debt collection leaving our general finance management to our manager to maintain.


Sales Representatives

Are employed exclusively by Marbel and are managed to help them to meet company targets.

Our representatives are dedicated to help drive brands forward and deliver excellent levels of customer service.

Representatives visit customers across the country and provide support in many areas; from helping retailers choose the most efficient way to display Marbel’s toys, to help putting up shelving in-store. This helps guide the customer through the process of re-stocking and to make the best use of the space they have, fully representing the brands.


Key Accounts

Are a well managed team, with a dedicated representative assigned to look after each major account. An in office team is responsible for handling large order quantities and customer requests.

Key accounts include mail order, internet and educational accounts as well as major stores, department stores and multiples.