Toy Marketing

All the stuff to create, source and plan marketing your brand to your buyers.

Trade Shows

We attend a range of trade shows across the UK and Europe. This helps to grow our brands and speak with customers and suppliers in person.

POS Material

We offer point-of-sale to all customers. This includes design, production and promotion of all POS material.

Direct Consumer Marketing

We have a selection of ways of connecting with end-consumers including a customer e-newsletter, social media pages and a blog.


Our online service focusses on brand promotion, an efficient sales facility, direct trade marketing newsletter and online accounts giving customers access to more resources and account information.

PR & Trade Press

Our PR department maintains constant contact with mainstream and trade press.


We offer a selection of licensed products and offer a bespoke licensing service to work with brands and manufacturers to help with the creation of new licensed toys.
Promotion We offer frequent promotions to help gain new customers and promote sales to existing clients. Product placement can be utilised to give a brand the boost it needs in the UK market. We also create store sales competitions to encourage key retailers to sell more in store.