1. Baby's Farm Animal Book

    Baby's Farm Animal Book

    Description: Give your baby an early introduction to reading and the wonders of the farmyard with th...
    Size: 2x12.5x16mm
  2. Baby's Wild Animal Book

    Baby's Wild Animal Book

    Description: Give your baby an early introduction to reading and the wonders of the natural world wi...
    Size: 2x12.5x16mm
  3. Bear Caramel Dangle

    Bear Caramel Dangle

    Description: Look who wants to take a nap with you Its Bear Caramel and he wants to be your friend. ...
    Size: 35 mm
  4. Bear Caramel Mini Mobile

    Bear Caramel Mini Mobile

    Description: This soft little mobile is perfect for hanging over the crib or cradle. It has a fun sh...
    Size: 16mm
  5. Bear Caramel Rye-and-Spelt Pillow

    Bear Caramel Rye-and-Spelt Pillow

    Description: Caramel from our Bear Caramel series wants to help with minor aches and pains, or whene...
    Size: 16mm
  6. Bear Caramel Towel Doll

    Bear Caramel Towel Doll

    Description: Towel Doll Bear is made of cotton and cotton velour and has knots that encourage Baby t...
    Size: 30mm
  7. Bell Rattle

    Bell Rattle

    Description: Roll this clever rattle away from you and it loops right back – a little like a boomera...
    Size: 6.7x8.4x6.7mm
  8. Classic Cuddle Lamb

    Classic Cuddle Lamb

    Description: This little lamb knows how to be give a cuddle when someone is crying, and to listen pa...
    Size: 30mm
  9. Display Guardian Angels (18pcs)

    Display Guardian Angels (18pcs)

    Description: Lovely guardian angels in three different versions. High quality with a lot of details....
    Size: 26x24x38mm
  10. Double Triangle Teether

    Double Triangle Teether

    Description: This clever teether provides baby with relief when their little teeth start coming in. ...
    Size: 6.5x9.1x9.4mm