1. 2-In-1 Kitchen & Grill Set

    2-In-1 Kitchen & Grill Set

    Description: Role-play cooking a delicious meal together with your child with this realistic 2-in-1 ...
    Size: 23x25.7x30mm
  2. All Season House (furnished)

    All Season House (furnished)

    Description: There are as many ways to play with this house as there are families in the world. Six ...
    Size: 30x60x73.4mm
  3. All Season House (unfurnished)

    All Season House (unfurnished)

    Description: There are as many ways to play with this house as there families in the world. Six room...
    Size: 30x73.4x60mm
  4. Hape All-in-1 Easel

    All-In-1 Easel

    Description: Paint, write, or draw with chalk. This double-sided wooden easel has a place for everyt...
    Size: 45x55x110mm
  5. Hape Alphabet Abacus

    Alphabet Abacus

    Description: This double-sided abacus gives the ABC's a playful twist with letters as well as pictures.
    Size: 12x25.5x32mm
  6. Alphabet Peg Puzzle

    Alphabet Peg Puzzle

    Description: Learning the alphabet has never been so much fun thanks to the colourful alphabet puzzle.
    Size: 20.8x1.8x29.4mm
  7. Hape Anywhere Art Studio

    Anywhere Art Studio

    Description: This tabletop art studio keeps artists busy with a whiteboard, chalk board, and magneti...
    Size: 3x48.4x45.7mm
  8. Hape-Automatic-Gates-Rail-Crossing-2

    Automatic Gates Rail Crossing

    Description: Keep toy cars, trucks and pedestrians safe when a train rumbles through town with this ...
    Size: 12x3.9x13mm
  9. Hape-Automatic-Train-Bell-Signal-2

    Automatic Train Bell Signal

    Description: Did you hear that bell? The train is right around the bend. Better be ready to hop aboa...
    Size: 9x13x25mm
  10. Hape Babys Room

    Baby's Room

    Description: Shhh! Baby's sleeping. Tiptoe into this room to play.
  11. Hape-Barn-Play

    Barn Play

    Description: Create several scenes with this unique farm set that will promote creative play. Encour...
    Size: 14x48x32mm
  12. Basic Builder Set

    Basic Builder Set

    Description: This set of 42 pieces and connectors encourages budding carpenters to build...and build...
    Size: 16.5x7x26mm
  13. Hape-Beauty-Belongings

    Beauty Belongings

    Description: Encourage role play and satisfy a child's curiousity with this 11 piece cosmetic kit. S...
    Size: 8x21x20mm
  14. Hape-Big-Engine-Shed-2

    Big Engine Shed

    Description: After a long day chugging and whistling along, give your train engines a break. Pull th...
    Size: 17x11x12mm
  15. Big Top Circus Magnetic Book

    Big Top Circus Magnetic Book

    Description: Create a spectacular show with the circus troupe in this portable magnetic story board....
    Size: 5x24x26mm
  16. Blue Lagoon Guitar

    Blue Lagoon Guitar

    Description: Get strumming on this beautiful blue/red guitar! A cross between a classical guitar and...
    Size: 21.4x6x65.2mm
  17. Busy City Rail Set

    Busy City Rail Set

    Description: Train tracks aren’t just for passenger trains. There’s freight to deliver, too! This co...
    Size: 76x20x85mm
  18. Cargo Delivery Loop

    Cargo Delivery Loop

    Description: People are waiting for their cargo! Use the magnetic crane to load containers onto the ...
    Size: 40x12x50mm
  19. Castle Escape

    Castle Escape

    Description: Quadrilla is an innovative marble run system from Hape. Sets come with all you need to ...
    Size: 8x52.5x36mm
  20. Changing Table

    Changing Table

    Description: A table just like yours encourages everyday role play.
    Size: 30x48.5x48mm