1. Checkout Register

    Checkout Register

    Description: Cash or credit? This sturdy register lets kids scan a card or pay with money. ...
    Size: 19.3x20x12.05mm
  2. Chef's Choice

    Chef's Choice

    Description: Here's everything your child needs to cook a meal and set it on the table. Just add ima...
  3. Hape-Chef's-Cooking-Set-2

    Chef's Cooking Set

    Description: A future chef can grow and thrive in the kitchen with this basic cooking set. Order a h...
    Size: 20x30x20mm
  4. Children's Room

    Children's Room

    Description: This is my room! Every child needs a place to call home.
  5. Chunky Alphabet Puzzle

    Chunky Alphabet Puzzle

    Description: A, B, C, D! Learning the alphabet is great fun! Can you learn the letters right through...
    Size: 27.5x1.8x28.5mm
  6. Chunky Clock Puzzle

    Chunky Clock Puzzle

    Description: Put the colored shapes into their right places to complete the pretty insects. At the s...
    Size: 24.5x3.5x24.5mm
  7. Chunky Lowercase Puzzle

    Chunky Lowercase Puzzle

    Description: A, B, C, D! Learning the alphabet is great fun! Can you learn the letters right through...
    Size: 27.5x1.8x28.5mm
  8. Chunky Number Math Puzzle

    Chunky Number Math Puzzle

    Description: One, two, three! Counting is great fun! But can you count all the way up to 20? This co...
    Size: 27.5x1.8x28.5mm
  9. City Parking Garage

    City Parking Garage

    Description: In and out, up and down. Multi-level parking keeps cars on the move. Use your child's c...
    Size: 29x44.7x58mm
  10. Clickety-Clack Clapper

    Clickety-Clack Clapper

    Description: Like clapping hands, only a lot more fun! These colourful castanets are perfectly sized...
    Size: 5.5x1.2x5.5mm
  11. Cliffhanger


    Description: Quadrilla is an innovative marble run system from Hape. Sets come with all you need to ...
    Size: 8x45x36mm
  12. Cook & Serve Set

    Cook & Serve Set

    Description: With the Cook & Serve Set’s wooden pot, pan, plates and accessories, your child has eve...
    Size: 10x26x20mm
  13. Cook 'N Serve Kitchen

    Cook 'N Serve Kitchen

    Description: This small-space wooden kitchen adds more fun with a pull-out counter and extra shelf.
    Size: 30x94.1x96.5mm
  14. Hape-Crane-Lift

    Crane Lift

    Description: Future builders puts their imagination into play when erecting a construction site with...
    Size: 12x36x50mm
  15. Crank-Powered Train

    Crank-Powered Train

    Description: Turn the crank on top of this clever little engine to generate and store enough power t...
    Size: 3.8x5x11.5mm
  16. Crossing & Crane Set

    Crossing & Crane Set

    Description: Watch out! When the safety gate comes down the train is coming. This realistic rail car...
    Size: 52x20x72mm
  17. Hape-Deep-Jungle-Track-Pack--2

    Deep Jungle Track Pack

    Description: Lay down tracks for a jungle journey with this set of jungle themed tracks. Two differe...
    Size: 6x18x18mm
  18. Deluxe White Grand Piano

    Deluxe White Grand Piano

    Description: The Deluxe Grand Piano is a real 30 key electronic piano that will enable your child to...
    Size: 52x60x50mm
  19. Hape Dining Room

    Dining Room

    Description: Set the table and call the family. It's dinner time!
  20. Hape-Doctor-on-Call

    Doctor On Call

    Description: A well-equipped doctor's bag for some healing role play. Your little one can make dolls...
    Size: 8x21x16mm