1. City Parking Garage

    City Parking Garage

    Description: In and out, up and down. Multi-level parking keeps cars on the move. Use your child's c...
    Size: 29x44.7x58mm
  2. Fire Station

    Fire Station

    Description: Clang-clang-clang! The alarm in the fire station is ringing and flashing – there’s a fi...
    Size: 30x47.8x60mm
  3. Four-Stage Rocket Ship

    Four-Stage Rocket Ship

    Description: Conduct your very own imaginary deep-space voyage! Play with a playmate to come up with...
    Size: 121.4x121.4x188mm
  4. Gourmet Kitchen White

    Gourmet Kitchen White

    Description: An all-in-one kitchen inspires mini chefs to cook everywhere and everything. ...
    Size: 32x55x70.5mm
  5. Grand City Station

    Grand City Station

    Description: All aboard! This two-level station kit lets you experience all the thrills of a big cit...
    Size: 54x28x135mm
  6. Massive Mountain Mine

    Massive Mountain Mine

    Description: Drive your train from the surface of this sturdy mountain into the busy mine operating ...
    Size: 60x39x78mm
  7. Hape Master Workbench

    Master Workbench

    Description: Little builders with big ideas can work right at this professional-looking station. S...
    Size: 28.1x55x80.7mm
  8. Play Station & Stool

    Play Station & Stool

    Description: This kid-sized wooden table and stool create a perfect place for playing, working, or s...
    Size: 42.4x50x81.7mm
  9. Reversible Train Storage Table

    Reversible Train Storage Table

    Description: This reversible multi-purpose storage table features two sides-a jungle and a city mode...
    Size: 70.5x40x60mm